Dov Even-Zahav, Psychologist – Ramat-Hasharon


My professional view combines humanistic methods and theories based on empowering natural growth and development, alongside a belief in the inherent dialogical affinity between human beings.

Background and professional experience

Therapist, lecturer, group facilitator, supervisor and a faculty member at :

  • School of Advanced Studies, the Program for Training Therapists and Group Facilitators, Seminar HaKibutzim College.
  • The Holistic-Integrative Approach for Group Facilitators Program, Wingate Academic College.
  • Gender Sensitive Psychotherapy Program; Group Psychotherapy Program, in the Central School for Social Workers.
  • Public and private businesses and organisaions

Private Practice (Ramat Hasharo):n individuals, couples, families and groups.

Groups workshops:  Personal Growth*, Managers, Teams.

Organisational work: Developmental work with Managers and teams which wiew management as an oportunity for co-creating personal, team and organisational growth.

Qualifications & Certification

BA (Psychology and Philosophy),Tel-Aviv University.

MA (Psychology), Tel-Aviv University.

Registered Senior Psychologist and supervisor, The Israeli Psychological Association and Ministry of Health, Israel. No. 1665.

Research Interests

Researches, teaches and works with a range of theoretical approaches, including Humanistic Psychology (Carl Rogers; Abraham Maslow; Rollo May); Dialogical Approach (Martin Buber); Group Analisis and Social Approach in psychology (S. H. Foulkes); The Inter-subjective Perspective (Stolorow& Atwood); Cultural and Gender Sensitive Approach in human relations..


Dov Even-Zahav

Address: Sokolov 48, Office no. 18. Ramat Hasaharon.

Phone: 03 549 7684 ; 052 250 0226